“Seconds to Dawn” EP Out Now!

My solo EP Seconds to Dawn is out now! Currently available as a digital release, you can check it out on my Bandcamp page. You can also find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

This record took a long time to make. Pieced together over the course of nearly two years, in little stints between other projects, it slowly took form and eventually crystallized into the digital object I now set free unto you. It’s been nearly a decade since I last released an official collection of songs. It feels good to put something out again. Most importantly, I’m super happy with the way it turned out and immensely grateful to all the fine folks who lent their invaluable talents to these songs.

"Seconds To Dawn" EP Release Update

Today I finished the cover art for my solo acoustic EP “Seconds To Dawn.” It’s now all set for a November 16 release! Look for it on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, etc.


"Seconds To Dawn" EP Finished

I’m pleased to announce that as of last weekend, my solo EP Seconds To Dawn has been completed. The final mixes are bounced and ready for mastering! I’ll be shooting for a mid-to-late fall release, so keep an eye out. For the time being I’m only planning to release it digitally but am considering a limited supply vinyl pressing should the circumstances become allowing. Artwork coming soon!

Current Projects: 2 EPs, 1 LP, a film, and a studio collaboration

Lots in the works at the moment!

I recently finished tracking my solo acoustic EP Seconds to Dawn and am in the process of mixing, mastering, and designing the album art. The EP will feature six songs recorded over the past year and half--five original and one cover. Sparse instrumentation and fleeting moods combine with a more personal, intimate lyrical style than anything I've done before. Feeling really good about this one! Look for it in early fall 2018. 

King Jane is about halfway through tracking a 4 song EP. Between the three songwriters of the group, a wide range of stylistic ground is explored (all united by the slickest snare sound you ever heard--courtesy of mixing engineer Neal Shaw). 

Jenna and The Janes also recently finished up a great weekend in the studio recording our first full length album. Both this and the King Jane EP will be out by the end of 2018.

About two weeks ago I finished the score for the film Parallel Parking directed by North Carolina based film maker Aby Rao. This was a rather large project, taking me seven months to complete. It was also my first feature length film, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I'll be posting the full soundtrack to my SoundCloud soon. 

Finally, I've embarked on a collaborative endeavor with sample-based electronic trio Pool Cosby. I'll be providing guitar, orchestrations, and production direction for an upcoming release. At this point, we're not sure what final form this collaboration will take, but so far it's been super fun for me to work on something outside my comfort zone. The combination of our disparate approaches to music is making for a really eclectic sound that's way different than any of us on our own.